Sayang (Equaliser)

Sayang is a DJ and producer who is part of the Leeds based DJ collective, Equaliser. Sayang uses music to explore gender, race, queerness & culture. They use their role within Equaliser to further explore these issues, bring them to a bigger platform and showcase this artistry in a white cis-male dominated industry. Having started DJing in October 2017, Sayang is already a regular guest to KMAH radio, they’ve closed for the infamous Love Muscle party, supported Juliana Huxtable at Dalston Superstore and co-produced with Viers/LK. Upcoming gigs include playing Brudenell Groove and The Tower Festival 2018. They are a patron of Love Muscle and Houseplay. In addition to Equaliser, Sayang works with the QTIPOC group 'Our Space' and contributes to editorial platforms focusing on QTIPOC stories.