Nicole Raymond (NikNak)


Nicole Raymond (NikNak) is a DJ/Turntablist & Sound Artist who specializes in playing a wide range of eclectic music genres in her performances. One goal of hers is to continue developing the role and general perception of a DJ/Turntablist by incorporating self-recorded soundscapes and multi-channel performances. She brings her experience in DJ-ing and wide musical knowledge across into each of her sets from continually incorporating a wide array of genres, to experimenting with new mixing and scratching techniques.

Before becoming a DJ, NikNak primarily worked as a music producer previously named SinSam, and occasionally dabbles in production whenever she can. NikNak is also a qualified live and studio sound engineer. Having graduated with a degree in Music Technology and Innovation from DMU in 2013, NikNak has also studied an MA in Electronic and Computer Music at the University of Leeds. She has taught students at MAP (Music and Arts Production), The DJ School and Lifeforce Productions. Previously she has worked with Pedestrian, Dreaming In Colour Productions and 2FunkyArts in Leicester. She believes that music and its creation or manipulation should be continually pushed to further people’s imaginations, both as audience members and performers.