Uncomfortable Conversations- things we need to talk about and things we can do to keep listening and making change

Uncomfortable conversations abound in the creative industries and the media sphere - from #me to #blacklivesmatter to #TimesUp - and the music industries have been called out too, from the under representation of female acts in live music to sexual harassment. 

However, a cause for concern from all quarters of the industries has been the uncomfortable reality of mental health issues that appear to endemic across all sectors of the music industries. It is this area that we want to address and we acknowledge that to do so means in all these areas we are committed to asking uncomfortable questions in the hope that this may lead to new ways of living and working together that are better and more healthy for all involved.


Chris Madden - Counselling Pyschotherapist with specialism in Music/Creative Industries
Sally Anne Gross - Co-author of 'Can Music Make You Sick' research paper and Course Director MA Music Business Management at University of Westminster
Sam Parker - COO @ Music Support