Where Do I Go When I Arrive?

  • Registration is at The Wardrobe

Will I Be Able To Go To Any Session I Want?

  • All venues and spaces have a capacity limit and when this is reached, we won't be able to allow any more access. We expect all "open" sessions will be fine, although Spotify Artist & Manager Masterclass requires registration on arrival if you wish to attend. Meet The Experts is limited availability, and you must sign-up on arrival.  

I Can't Arrive Until The Event Is Underway, Will I Still Be Able To Gain Entry?

  • Yes, you can arrive at any point, although we recommend you arrive during Registration if you can to sign-up for any session you may wish. 

What Can I Do For Food & Drink On The Day?

  • Complimentary Tea & Coffee will be available at arrival in The Wardrobe. Other options tbc! Check back nearer the time