Where Do I Go When I Arrive?

  • Registration is at The Wardrobe

Will I Be Able To Go To Any Session I Want?

  • All venues and spaces have a capacity limit and when this is reached, we won't be able to allow any more access. We expect all "open" sessions will be fine, although Spotify Artist & Manager Masterclass requires registration on arrival if you wish to attend. Meet The Experts is limited availability, and you must sign-up on arrival.  

I Can't Arrive Until The Event Is Underway, Will I Still Be Able To Gain Entry?

  • Yes, you can arrive at any point, although we recommend you arrive during Registration if you can to sign-up for any session you may wish. 

What Can I Do For Food & Drink On The Day?

  • Complimentary Tea & Coffee will be available at arrival in The Wardrobe. Complimentary lunch will be served in Leeds College of Music at 1pm. Hot food will be available to purchase throughout the day in The Wardrobe, LCoM SU, or in the nearby Café 164.