Leaf Label

Founded by Tony Morley in 1995, The Leaf Label’s impressive international
catalogue is simultaneously pioneering and timeless, with enough warmth, melody,
playfulness and passion to distinguish Leaf from its contemporaries.

From the first release (a Boymerang 12”), The Leaf Label has worked with artists
from around the world, including Caribou (Canada), Efterklang (Denmark), Colleen
(France), Murcof (Mexico), AU, volcano! and A Hawk And A Hacksaw (USA),
Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Roll The Dice (Sweden) and Polar Bear, Melt
Yourself Down and The Comet Is Coming (UK) and Susumu Yokota and Asa-
Chang & Junray (both from Japan).

Among the current roster there is little to suggest a common musical thread, and yet
the artists are bound together with an understanding of aesthetics and a strong mark
of individuality and timelessness. Leaf continues to evade classification and build on
its enviable reputation.

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